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A Sweet Book for Kids Dealing with Prolonged Illness. This book will make any small child dealing with a prolonged illness feel strong. The pictures make going to the doctor feel gentle and relaxed. Every pediatric doctor should have a copy in his office."
An Enriching Read for All Children. This is a delightful story of hope and accomplishment for a child with a chronic condition to overcome. The illustrations are charming and rate with the best children's books. The story, written in flowing, unforced rhyme, would be interesting for any child, not just one with a disability making this an important tale for children who have friends and siblings with chronic conditions. I haven't ever seen a book written for children that treats the subject of chronic health conditions in kids, and so if fills a significant need. Because it is written by a woman who has experienced being a child with a chronic condition, the young reader will feel her perfect empathy and be given courage.”
Karen Steinberg



​“Does not dwell on the bad, and is uplifting. This charming book has verse and illustrations designed to help children facing chronic medical challenges deal with them with an optimistic outlook while recognizing that they may be different from other children at the same time. It also helps the friends and family of these children to see them as the same person they always were and to accept them for who they are in spite of their medical issues. It gives just enough information, does not dwell on the bad, and is uplifting. Ariana Rose is the most delightful character that I have met since Eloise lived at the Plaza and Madeline went to the hospital.”


Janet K. Roberts




​“Brava Ariana Rose! This is an excellent little book. I wholeheartedly agree with an earlier reviewer who suggested pediatricians should have copies of this on hand. As the mother of a young, disabled son who is presently navigating the difficulty of managing his condition and keeping up with his schoolmates, this will be a treasured story and very affirming for him. The story is written in rhyming couplets which effectively present each brightly illustrated page like a small neatly presented gift which makes the difficult subject matter easy and non-threatening. Look out, Ramona the Brave, you've got company!”


Elizabeth Peterson



​“A Sweet and Powerful Book for All. This book represents a different way to look at those dealing with a chronic illness. The author focuses on how the patient looks forward to getting back to her daily life, not on the medicine and health care professionals involved. She relies on her own good spirit along with the support of her family and friends. The author and her character in the book are both brave and courageous. Roll models don't come along often enough, so when we get to see one, like Ms. Feiner, let's follow them!”





​“Lovable Character. A wonderful rhyming story featuring the most lovable character in literature history! A true gem of a children's book, and a must buy for any child affected by a sickness, disorder, etc.”






​“A True Masterpiece. Ariana Feiner not only gives courage to her readers, but this unparalleled children's book also gives genuine hope to so many with chronic illnesses. I am so happy to have this book and have loved sharing Ariana Rose's Story of Courage with so many!”


Meredith Dean



​“I Love This Book! It is written with so much empathy and just enough information to inform but at the same time not frighten a young child. A great resource for parents and health care professionals.”


Warren Steinberg



​“Five Stars. Beautifully written. Poignant. Heartbreaking and funny. Encouraging. A must read by all!"






​“Wonderful work! The illustrations are beautiful and I can tell that a lot of time and effort was put into the book. It has such an uplifting message too!"



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